Working with EQ ©


Working with EQ© is a practical and interactive 2-day workshop designed to develop personal emotional competence to increase leadership and interpersonal effectiveness at the work place. Adopting the Self-Science methodology developed by Six Seconds, this workshop presents to its participants powerful discoveries, cutting-edge skills and knowledge that will help build new patterns at work and help break away from unproductive practices. Participants will also be guided to develop actionable and practical developmental plans.


At the end of the workshop, participants will develop actionable EQ skills through:

  • Increasing awareness of own emotions and how they are projected, as well as to be sensitive to the projections of others
  • Recognising unconscious habits to minimise auto-pilot reactions that may result in undesired outcomes or emotional outbursts
  • Applying practical ideas and techniques that would strengthen management of emotions for effective decision making
  • Enhancing critical thinking skills to shape new behaviours and promote creativity when dealing with challenging situations
  • Learning of empathic listening and communication strategies to connect effectively with others
  • Practicing Optimism to optimise opportunities and exploring possibilities

Upcoming Workshop 23-24 March 2016

Register early to enjoy discounts:

Super Early Bird - before 22 Jan 2016
Early Bird - before 23 Feb 2016
Regular - from 24 Feb 2016 onwards


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