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Case Study: Fostering a Culture of Leadership in Rotana

Project Description

To build a stronger leadership culture within their properties and across the organisation, Rotana developed a team of in-house trainers to deliver the Six Seconds' EQ Leader program throughout the enterprise. Thus far, the well-received program is building a shared vocabulary and vision that will foster a common culture to fulfill Rotana's customer service orientation.


Rotana is the leading hotel management company and currently manages a portfolio of 70 properties throughout the Middle East and Africa, with an aggressive expansion plan in place. The company combines a unique understanding of the culture and communities of the Middle East with the collective expertise of an executive team contributing over 35 years of international experience in the hospitality industry.

Looking to underscore its brand promise of 'Treasured Time. Our promise to you', Rotana recognised the need to build on their relationships in ways that increase customer satisfaction, improve productivity, and enhance teamwork - within and across properties. The Area Director of Employee Development, Tripat Mehrotra, identified that to achieve this, leaders needed to develop the skills and attitude that will create the right organisational culture to achieve the company's vision.


In August 2010, Six Seconds MEA (Middle East & Africa) delivered the EQ Leader Certification Workshop to 10 of Rotana's Employee Development Directors. The 3-day workshop prepared and certified them to deliver the 1-day EQ Leader workshop in-house.

The "EQ Leader" program introduces leaders to the Six Seconds Model and focuses on the core competencies that allow leaders to understand and manage the human-side of their people - starting with themselves. It sets the context, builds a case for EQ leadership and provides tools to develop a more purposeful, focused, and productive workplace climate. The goal is to enhance relationships at every level and foster a climate of success,

Immediately following this workshop, the newly certified group of Employee Development Directors put their skills into practice by facilitating the 1-day program for their colleagues attending the annual Rotana Human Resources conference. The certified trainers are now rolling out the program across the region.


The participant rating for the EQ Leader Certification Workshop was nearly 100% - course content (96%), facilitator quality (98.8%). As The Area Director of Employee Development, Tripat Mehrotra at Rotana put it:

I attended the workshop to learn how to train others in EQ. I not only learned how to effectively use the materials, but also I learned a great deal about myself - which I'm now applying. - Tripat Mehrotra

One of the best training programs I have ever attended, it inspired me to pursue EQ further. - David de Silva, Director Employee Development at the Park Rotana in Abu Dhabi

As the EQ Leader program is being delivered internally, leaders are already seeing the value. They are recognising that their own emotions affect their employees, which in turn, affect the customers and the brand. Developing a shared language for communicating about leadership and the way leaders shape the culture and climate is providing Rotana with a serious competitive advantage. The program continues to be rolled out by the in-house certified trainers with around 200 managers already having taken part in workshops being delivered across the region. Rotana's organisational leadership is now beginning to use this shared vocabulary and toolset to shift from a focus on developing individual properties to a commitment to organisation-wide standards for excellence.

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Client: Rotana Hotels

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