Using a combination of experiential exercises, powerful reflection techniques, and engaging dialogues, The EQ Edge training provides participants with personalised learning experiences, enabling them to acquire insightful new awareness and be guided to develop practical action plans.

With proven experience in emotional intelligence instruction, The EQ Edge programmes tap into brain-based learning, multiple intelligences theory, positive psychology and groundbreaking research on emotions. Drawing on these multidisciplinary sciences of emotional and social intelligence, our people development series focuses on:

  • coaching individuals
  • training leaders
  • partnering with organisations

Everyone Can Make a Difference
Coaching individuals to develop personal actionable strategies to help them become more purposeful, engaged, focused and productive

Inspire and Motivate
Training leaders to create environments that allow others to thrive, and focused on mobilising, inspiring and engaging their teams

The Winning Team
Partnering with organisations to help create the organisational climate to drive higher employee engagement at every level

Training and Development Curriculums

The EQ Edge in Personal Effectiveness© Series

  • EQ for Personal Effectiveness
  • Engaging Communication Skills with EQ
  • High Impact Selling with EQ
  • EQ for Influence and Negotiation
  • Relationship Selling with EQ

The EQ Edge in Leadership Effectiveness© Series

  • Engaging Leadership
  • Leading Self: EQ for Self-Mastery
  • Leading Change: The EQ Edge in Driving Change
  • Leading High Performing Teams: EQ for Team Effectiveness
  • Developing Others: EQ for Coaching and Mentoring
  • Leading through Engaging Communication

The EQ Edge in Organisational Effectiveness© Series

  • The Inside Path to ChangeĀ©
  • EQ for Succession Planning and Talent Development
  • EQ in Business Strategies and Planning
  • Branding with EQ: Stakeholders Engagement

The EQ Edge in Community Development© Series

  • The EQ Edge in Parenting
  • EQ for Families
  • The EQ Edge in Education
  • EQ for Youth and Young Adults
  • EQ Essentials for Graduates
  • EQ for Community Leaders

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Tap into EQ for more sustainable relationships and become more authentic in dealing with people by aligning intentions and behaviours.

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