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The EQ Edge in Leadership Effectiveness© Series
EQ for Engaging Leadership

This workshop was designed to develop the 5 critical engaging leadership competencies required of the modern workplace engaging leader as identified in the Engaging Leadership Competency Model© i.e. Leading Change, Leading High Performing Teams, Developing Others, Engaging Communication, and Leading Self (Self Mastery). This 2-day workshop will provide a useful, practical overview of what is required to build engaging leadership capacity.

Leading Self: EQ for Self-Mastery

The ability to lead ourselves should precede any attempt to lead others. Being rooted in our values and aware of our preferences, work and communication styles - especially under stressful conditions - is key to becoming an effective leader. Self Mastery is about becoming an expert on ourselves through honest self reflections and the continuous learning from experiences. This Workshop teaches the 8 core emotional competencies for Self Mastery identified in the Six Seconds EQ Model™: Enhancing Emotional Literacy, Recognising Patterns, Applying Consequential Thinking, Navigating Emotions, Exercising Optimism, Engaging Intrinsic Motivation, Increasing Empathy and Pursuing Noble Goals.

Leading Change: The EQ Edge in Driving Change

To effectively lead Change, leaders must first be able to accept and cope with the effects of Change themselves. It is vital for the leader to first deal with his/her own emotions and thoughts that will surface in times of Change so that leadership in driving the Change is built on conviction and commitment. Using the CHANGE MAP as anchor in this Workshop, leaders will learn how to combine Change Management Strategies with practical emotional engagement approaches to ensure that organisational Change is driven effectively and sustained.

Leading High Performing Teams: EQ for Team Effectiveness

Teams are the drivers of organisational success - yet the ability to form and lead high performing teams is one of the biggest challenges that confronts any leader. This Workshop exposes participants to team challenges in diverse settings - from creative package designing to ultimate reliance on team members for "survival". Along with practical and powerful EQ techniques, these experiences will change the way participants create and lead their own high performing teams.

Developing Others: EQ for Coaching and Mentoring

In a recent Gallup research covering interviews with one million employees and eighty thousand managers, it concluded, "People leave manager, not companies. If you have a turnover problem, look first to your managers." Successful leaders understand the importance of relationships in teams because it's really about people. In this Workshop, participants will learn what are the key ingredients to build trusting relationships so that they can be more effective in their role of developing people. The Emotional Intelligence Model will be introduced as the logical framework for building coaching and mentoring relationships.

Leading through Engaging Communication

Communication is the essence of any relationship and as such, critical to engaging leadership. It is the one skill that can effectively hold the organisation together, whether from top to bottom, bottom to top, or side to side. Leaders are now expected to design communication strategies that will engage stakeholders not just cognitively but at emotional levels beneath the surface - beyond just understanding the impact of verbal and non-verbal dynamics. In this Workshop, leaders will learn how to build genuine relationships, practise empathic communication, give useful and timely feedback, and manage conflicts effectively.

Who, what and how the team is, it's a reflection of the leader.

FC Law, The EQ Edge

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