A smart salesperson listens to emotions, not facts.” - Unknown -

This 2-day interactive workshop will equip participants with customer-focused Consultative Selling principles coupled with powerful Emotional Intelligence (EQ) techniques. Participants will learn about the Sales and Buying Cycles, complete with practical strategies and ideas to help them overcome the various customer challenges during selling situations.

Sales people spend a lot of time and effort in trying to change customers’ minds and frequently attempt this without first understanding and respecting the views and opinions of customers. EQ allows sales persons to suspend this ‘impatient’ mind-changing process until they have built sufficient trust and connection that will allow them to work from the customers’ point of views.

Customers don’t bother about sales people’s desire to sell them anything until they can trust that the sales person genuinely cares about their needs and issues, and wellbeing.

Key Learning Objectives
Learning Format

Applying experiential learning methodology, the workshop format includes lecture, individual and group exercises, audio-visual materials, discussions, interactive activities, personal reflections and action planning. Participants will discover a transformational learning experience and develop powerful new awareness that will make a significant difference in their sales performance.

Course Overview

Module 1: EQ - Why it matters in Sales

Module 2: Combining EQ with Consultative Selling

Module 3: Engagement through EQ

Module 4: Closing or, beginning of relationship


"Phenomenal! Enlightenment for all sales persons!" Sim Simadibrata, Jakarta

"I had a lot of trainings before, but this was the best!” Georg Andreaz Schmitz, Malaysia

"Extraordinary techniques and knowledge. Thank you so much, I discovered a powerful insight - that empathy is the most important ingredient for me to be a top sales performer." Amita Setiaty, Jakarta

"The impact of this programme goes beyond words..." Allia Zulkifli, Malaysia

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